Dreaming and Thinking are not the same as Doing

Actions trump thoughts..get off your arse and take action. Seriously, just do it.

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Hard Truth - Dreaming And Thinking Is Not The Same As Doing


Dreaming and thinking can be powerful tools for imagining new possibilities and exploring different scenarios in your minds. They allow you to create mental representations of your biggest dreams while also considering various strategies for actually achieving them. However, it is important to remember that dreaming and thinking alone are not enough to bring about real-world changes in your life. To turn your thoughts and dreams into reality, you must take action and engage in the process of doing.


How are thinking and dreaming helpful?


Have you ever been accused of being a daydreamer, or “living with your head in the clouds”? Some amount of thinking and dreaming about your future and what you want out of life is good – doing so can be very motivational because it helps you get a proper visualization of what you want to eventually achieve. However, if you let yourself remain trapped in the process of thinking and dreaming for too long, you may begin to feel “stuck,” as if you are not making any actual progress.


Why is “doing” the important next step after you spend time thinking and dreaming about what you want?


It is crucial to think about the time you allow yourself to dream and think about your future as a finite planning period. You do not want to spend all your time forever dreaming and thinking about what you want from life – doing so means you won’t give yourself enough time to actually initiate any of your plans. It is perfectly fine to think and dream big, but it must be followed with action to really count.


If you struggle to begin actually doing things in your life, what are some strategies you can use to get past the “dreaming and thinking” stage?


Getting the courage to start “doing” can feel tough and intimidating, but with some practice, time, and patience, it becomes easier. Consider trying these strategies to ease yourself past the “dreaming and thinking” stage so you can actually begin doing.


  1. Break down your larger goals into smaller, more manageable steps.


One of the main reasons people get stuck in the dreaming and thinking phase is because goals can seem overwhelming and unattainable. To combat this, try breaking your goals down into smaller, actionable steps that are more manageable and easier to achieve. This will not only make your goals feel more attainable but also help you to create a plan of action that will guide you towards achieving them. As a bonus, seeing yourself meet these smaller goals will feel very motivating.

  1. Set deadlines and hold yourself accountable for meeting them.


One of the main differences between dreaming and doing is the level of accountability involved. When you’re just dreaming, you’re not necessarily accountable to anyone else for your ideas and dreams. However, when you start taking real action towards a goal, you become more accountable to yourself and others for your progress. Setting deadlines for your smaller, actionable steps can help you to hold yourself accountable and ensure that you're making actual progress towards your goals.


  1. Get extra support and accountability from people you know and trust.


Another effective strategy for moving from dreaming to doing is to get support and accountability from others. This might mean working with a coach or mentor, collaborating with colleagues, or seeking feedback from friends and family members. By involving others in your journey, you can build a sense of community and connection, and increase your chances of success. Additionally, having someone to hold you accountable and provide support and feedback can be incredibly helpful in staying motivated and on track–you are far more likely to stick to your plan of action when you realize others are watching you.